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Dit is een inkijkexemplaar en is gelimiteerd tot 4 pagina's.

Bij aanschaf ontvangt u het volledige document.

Science Europe Roadmap 2014



Vision and Overview
Science Europe
Science Europe is an association of European Research Funding and Research Performing Organisations,
founded in 2011, with the aim of promoting the collective interests of Members and facilitating collaboration at
policy, funding and performing levels.
Individually, the Science Europe Member Organisations are independent major research organisations, with
signifi cant national impact. Collectively, the Members work across all research fi elds and manage a substantial
proportion of public research investment in Europe; with this budget responsibility comes substantial policy
impact. Science Europe is a key platform for collaboration and an important voice in the EU research policy
debate, acting as a ‘third voice’, alongside national governments and European Union institutions. The
membership of Science Europe is committed to shaping the future of research.
Science Europe ensures that the voice of active scientists is heard in this policy debate, through its six Scientifi c
Committees. Comprising infl uential researchers from across Europe, the Committees cover all scientifi c and
scholarly domains, including the social sciences, arts and humanities.
Science Europe Vision
The ultimate mission of Science Europe is to facilitate collaboration of its Members, in order to contribute to
the design and development of a strong and effective European research system. Science Europe builds on
its Member Organisations’ experiences and expertise in funding and performing excellent research across all
domains, and develops collective approaches when and where these add value to individual activities. Striving
for ‘better science’ underpins all activities and positions.
To achieve this vision for a strong and effective research system, Science Europe’s activities will focus on four
strategic objectives:
• Supporting ‘borderless science’ – ensuring that researchers and research organisations can collaborate
at the level of projects, programmes and facilities.
This collaboration must be driven by scientifi c need, and must not be hampered by administrative obstacles
or by lack of information. A scientifi c environment without geographic, disciplinary or sectoral borders
requires enhanced collaboration, mobility and interdisciplinarity. It is necessary to maximise cross-border
collaboration, and to optimise collaborative approaches to research infrastructures of all types. The sound
creation and circulation of knowledge also necessitates closing the gap between stronger and weaker
European research systems, through appropriate measures dedicated to capacity building. Special attention
to mobility, Open Access to publications, access and preservation of data and cross-border collaboration
mechanisms, among others, is needed in order to achieve this. Furthermore, there is a need to create
incentives for, and reduce the burdens of, co-operating internationally beyond Europe. It is important for
Science Europe Member Organisations to have a mutual understanding of their respective
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Science Europe Roadmap 2014
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